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10 disney world ride tips

10 Insider Tips On Having The Best Ride Experience

1. Research Park Attractions From Home

There are lots of rides at Orlando's Walt Disney World theme parks - more than can be done in a day or a week. Figure out what rides you want to experience well before you visit any of the parks. For a comprehensive list of attractions, go right to the source, Disneyworld Attractions.

2. Wait, wait and wait

If standing in line were an attraction at Disney, everyone would get to experience it every day of their visit! There are two ways of approaching a wait, whether it is long or short. You can complain about it which will put everyone in your party in a bad mood, or, you can use the time to enhance your experience. Visit with others in line - you may find a lot in common with your temporary neighbors as well as a chance to make new friends.

3. Get There Early

The sooner you get there, the more time you will have to enjoy the day. Plus the lines are shorter in the early hours and they will only get longer as the day goes on. Getting there first is always a good idea.

4. Use FastPass+

Disney insiders love FastPass+ and most prefer to use it if they plan to spend the entire day at any of the 4 theme parks where they can use FastPass+. It's free to use and you can shorten your stay in at least 3 lines, and if you are lucky, a fourth one as well.

5. Download the My Disney Experience App

This is a great way to keep up with the latest information in regards to what is happening at the parks. Best yet, it is a free app. You can check ride wait times, change FastPass+ reservations or consult the app map of the parks to help you get around. This is something that may prove to be invaluable on you visit.

6. Explore the Less Popular

There are lots and lots of things to do within the confines of this magnificent park, some more popular than others. Even if you don't get to ride the most popular rides, there are still lots of other rides and events to visit. In the process, you might discover something new that becomes a favorite.

7. The Details May Surprise You

Walt Disney World is more than just a theme park. Everything you see and everything you hear has been put there on purpose as a way to enhance the overall experience. Most people miss them or fail to recognize their influence but if you are looking for them, you might be surprised to see what you learn.

8. Enjoy the Interactive Queues

Interactive queues help riders get into the mood for what they are about to experience as well as help the wait in line pass quicker. It gives you a chance to think about choices when designing your concept car for Test Track. The queues can be a lot of fun and build the anticipation for the ride.

9. Find The Hidden Mickeys

One of the details of the park are the proliferation of Mickey shapes you will be able to spot in more places than you thought of finding him. His shape can be found woven into backgrounds, in queue lines and on the rides.  Here’s one to start you off. In the ballroom scene on the Haunted Mansion, pay attention to the plates on the table. Look for the place setting that’s one dinner plate in the middle with two smaller plates at the top. Does the shape look familiar? That’s a Hidden Mickey.
See how many others you can find!

10. Talk to the Ride’s Cast Members

The Cast Members who work at the park are there to make your experience even better so take the time to interact with them whenever you gat a chance. You never know what will result from your chat. They can also create magic you weren't expecting. They love to share their knowledge of the park with the guests and might send you to a place you hadn't thought of visiting and were glad you got to experience it.

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